Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 285

Preparing for Meditation – Part 10

All these 12 methods can help us to prepare to meditate. There are more methods than these and you might find many ways to help you prepare yourself for meditation, for example, sitting a a certain comfortable chair, watching a certain video, using incense or other aromas, even looking at certain colours or pictures. We use all of these things to help us relax, then that is enough, we do no need them. Now we should just relax and let go and forget all the stressful things in your mind. This is the purpose of preparing for meditation. We prepare ourselves to find a relaxed and calm state, and then we can go into our meditation. These methods are a tool and meditation is the key. Many people focus too much on the method and forget the mediation. This is wrong. We should let go, forget everything, and let everything inside the mind and body just happen. This is meditation. We do not think of place or time, we just let things happen naturally, and when our body tells us that is enough, we Shǒu Gōng 收功. We Shǒu Gōng to bring all our Qi back to the Dāntián 丹田 so that we do not waste it. The more Qi we can collect then the healthier we are.

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