Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 284

Preparing for Meditation – Pt9

Method 11 – Meditate with a Group of People

Sometimes we can find it hard to mediate because our mind is full of many thoughts. To help this, we can try to meditate with a group of people, even if it just one other person (although a group is better). This is because when we meditate together, we will release more Qi and share it with everyone else. In this way, if one is weak, then the stronger ones will help them. If someone has many thoughts, being with others who are more relaxed will affect them. In the end, everyone will benefit. We can finish our mediation individually, there is no need to end as a group as everyone is different and has different feelings in meditation and will know how much they need to do.

Method 12 – Counting Numbers

We can also count number to help us relax. We can start at one and continue, two, three, four, etc. or you can start from whatever number you like. If we lose count, it does not matter and we should not try and get it back, we just keep going until we start to feel relaxed or even sleepy. Then we should start our meditation. When we are meditating, we should not count, but instead let go and just enjoy our meditation. Then when we are finished and feel we have done enough we can Shǒu Gōng 收功.

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