Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 283

Preparing for Meditation – Pt8

Method 9 – Look Far Away

Another way is to find somewhere nice, a nice environment that has a distant view. We can sit in our meditation position and look far into the distance. After a while we can start to forget everything around us and then close our eyes and go into our mediation. Now we should try and relax, forget the time and where we are and just get into our meditative state. Then, when we feel that we have done enough, we can open our eyes and Shǒu Gōng 收功,

Method 10 – Peaceful Environment

This time we can find somewhere very comfortable and peaceful, somewhere we can just sit down and meditate. It could be in the countryside where there is grass and tree, it could be somewhere where the sky is nice, a beach, on a mountain, near a river, when the stars and moon are bight in the night sky or where the sunset is nice. Anywhere that is a nice environment and where we can easily relax and forget the other things which bother us. Then we can just sit in our meditation position, close our eyes and meditate. Then, when we feel good enough, we can Shǒu Gōng. We will often feel a lot of energy as nature gives us more energy.

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