Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 373

9 Colours Qì Ball – Part 7

Xiǎo Zhōu Tiān 小周天 – Small Heavenly Circle & Dà Zhōu Tiān 大周天 – Big Heavenly Circle

The eight Qì ball is the Xiǎo Zhōu Tiān 小周天 – Small Heavenly Circle, which is formed by the Rèn Mài 任脉 – Front Channel and the Dū Mài 督脉 – Back Channel, which make a circle. The Rèn Mài runs from the Chéng Jiāng 承漿 point at the bottom of the mouth to the Huìyīn 會陰 point between the legs. The Dū Mài runs from the Cháng Qiáng 長強 point to the Bǎihuì 百會 point. Between the two Mài there are gaps and when the Qì is strong enough, it can pass across the gaps. This forms the Xiǎo Zhōu Tiān and connects the Rèn Mài and Dū Mài together to form a circle. When this happens, all the 12 major channels will be open and smooth, and this is why the Xiǎo Zhōu Tiān is important and it is also the eighth Qì ball.

The Ninth Qì ball is the Dà Zhōu Tiān 大周天 – Big Heavenly Circle. In the Dà Zhōu Tiān the Qì will flow in a big circle, from the Bǎihuì point on the top of the head, to the Yǒngquán 涌泉 points on the soles of the feet. This means the Qì will cover the whole body and we may be able to feel the Qì growing out of the body and we will feel Qì in every part of our body. The Qì is now full from inside our body to the outside of the skin. At this point, some people will start to see the Qì and see colours inside the body

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