Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 376

Principle of Meditation Part 2

So, what are the principles of meditation? Are they the same as the principles of movement? The first two, relaxation and posture are the same. The third is calm down and become quiet and let go and the fourth is emptiness. We can all understand the first two, relaxation and good posture. Without these, we cannot develop a lot of Qi that flows in the right way. As we are doing meditation, we need to calm down, as without a calm mind, we cannot practise meditation, so we need to calm down. It is like holding a glass of orange juice. When we put the glass down on the table, the orange juice will stop moving. If we hold it, no matter how still we try to be, there will always be some movement. Only when we put the glass down will the orange juice settle down. So, once we are in a position for meditation we need to calm our minds and become quiet. There are two parts to quietness. One is the outside. We do not want there to be noise that will bother you, like a train or a bus or the floor moving or vibrating. You need to feel safe and even on the ground, so, quiet on the outside. Then, we need our mind to be quiet, we need to make no noise in our minds, then we can be peaceful.

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