Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 377

Principle of Meditation Part 3

When we meditate, we need to quiet in our minds, and then we can become peaceful. We should try not to worry about anything and not let anything affect us. From calming down, to becoming quiet, peaceful and not worrying, then we can let go. We should not worry about external things like family, work, finances, relationships, the future, the past and even our health. We should let go. Sometime we can image we have already died, why worry? One day we all will die, but the world will carry on and people will still do what they need to do. Everyone will die one day, but the world will carry on. Life matters when we are there, so if we can let go of worry, we can live better and nothing can affect us. Then inside of our bodies will be stronger and our Qì 氣 also will be stronger like reborn.

Once we have gone through the mental relaxation and let go, then we are starting to practise meditation. I have come across some people who cannot practise mediation because they cannot mentally let go. Once we can forget everything and let go everything we can move to the fourth principle, emptiness.

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