Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 293

Levels of Qì Development – Part 2

When we feel good we are at level 1, and then when we feel more energy we are at Level 2. Level 3 is slightly different, here we can sometimes feel Qì 氣 and sometimes we will not feel our Qì. Some people can practice for 10-years, or even for the whole lives, and they still do not feel their Qì. This can happen because they are still not relaxed enough. We need a deep relaxation, as the deeper we relax the more we can feel our body. Qìgōng 氣功 practice allows us to feel inside the body, then we can clear up any problems that we may have. All problems begin with stiffness, and if these become sever then they become blockages. The more we relax and let go internally, the better able we are to clear the blockages. When we have cleared the blockages we can be healthy and prevent serious disease from happening to us in the future. So, if we can relax enough, then we should be able to feel the Qì. It might feel like something moving inside the body, making us warm and we may feel tingling or pulsing, a bit like electricity or a magnetic field. It is something that makes us feel good and we can sometimes feel the flow of Qì. Level 3 is important, once we can feel our Qi the journey of developing our Qì is beginning and this is a very important step.

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