Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 371

9 Colours Qi Ball – Part 5

At first, the Qì 氣 is stored at the Xià Dāntián 下丹田 – Lower Dāntián. This is our fifth Qi Ball. When the Xià Dāntián is full enough, the Qì will rise up to the Zhōng Dāntián 中丹田 – Middle Dantian. This means that we have six Qì balls. Once the Qì is even stronger and the Zhōng Dāntián is full, then the Qì continues to rise to the Shàng Dāntián 上丹田 – Upper Dāntián. This is our seventh Qì ball. The two hands are the first two Qì balls, then the two legs are the third and fourth Qì balls and now each Dāntián has a Qì ball, which makes seven. In the beginning, we might not feel much Qì, but as we keep practising, we will eventually feel the Qì balls, from the first, the second, the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh. When the Qì reaches the seventh one, we will be very healthy, but we must be patient. We need to be consistent and practise every day, then we will develop the Qì balls from the first one up to the ninth Qì ball.

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