Grandmaster Tse’s Qigong Dao 氣功道 384

Xìng Mìng Shuāng Xiū 性命雙修 – Part 3

If we can focus on the movements, then the mind will become empty and the Xìng 性 will be good and we can also think about the Mìng 命 – life. If there is no life then there is no us. Since we were born, we need a life, and this life goes with us right up until we die. So life is very important. Life is the body. A good healthy body is a good life. Just think about when you are healthy, you do enjoy life a lot you can do a lot of things, like meeting up with friends or getting a good job, making people enjoy being with us, it can be simpler like reading, talking, eating, sleeping and many other good things, but to do any of them we need a good healthy body. So, when we practise Qìgōng 氣功, we need to empty our minds for our Xìng, and we also need to focus on the movements as each movement make us healthy, trains our body and makes everything inside and outside function well. In all Qìgōng we need to train our Xing and or mind together. This is Xìng Mìng Shuāng Xiū. It should not be just training the Xìng, or just training the Mìng, we must practise to train both, this is good Qìgōng

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