Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 364

Wěi Lǘ Guān 尾閭關

The Wěi Lǘ Guān 尾閭關 is located on an area on the lower back. Wěi 尾 means tail, Lǘ 閭 means door on a small road, Guān 關 means gate. This means the Wěi Lǘ is the last door on the spine, or an area around the end of the spine. When we touch the very end of the spine (tailbone) this is the Wěi Lǘ and it is very sensitive. When the Wěi Lǘ is open, it lifts or brings the Qì 氣 all the way through the spine to the brain. In Qìgōng 氣功 practice, particularly when we are standing straight, we want the end of the spine to point downwards as this will open the Wěi Lǘ and this will bring Qì up to the Bǎihuì 百會 point. We consider the Wěi Lǘ as an area around the bottom of the spine and also an acupuncture point. So, when the back is straight and the Wěi Lǘ is open, the Qì will automatically run through the Dū Mài 督脉 – Dū Channel to the Bǎihuì point. The Huì Yīn 會陰 point and Wěi Lǘ are close together. The Huì Yīn takes a long time to gather Qì and so it is soft, but the Wěi Lǘ is strong and just one touch is enough to stimulate the Qì.

If we want to form the Xiǎo Zhōu Tiān 小周天 – Small Heavenly Circle, so the Rèn Mài 任脉 – Rèn Channel and Dū Mài connect and form a circle, your Qì must first raises up from the Huì Yīn and the first gate it must pass is the Wěi Lǘ Guān. So the Wěi Lǘ Guān is the first gate of the Xiǎo Zhōu Tiān, but there are another two gates it needs to pass as well.

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