Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 363

How Many Times a Day Should We Practise – Part 4

It is always the case the more we practise the better it is. If we want to practise for one hour a day, then we can choose anytime but we should remember that we should not have to rush. If we want to practise twice a day then it is best to do half an hour each time, but if we cannot do this then we can make one of our sessions shorter, for example 15 minutes and then the second session longer, for 45 minutes. You can do the short session or the long session first it does not matter. If we want to practise three times a day, then we need to do more than an hour, we should practise for something like an hour and a half. This means we can do half an hour each time. If we want to practise four times a day, then we should be practising for about 2 hours in total. Again, we can do half an hour each time. Practice sessions can vary so that we have short or long sessions whether we are doing three or four times a day. But it is better to have at least one session which is longer where we do not have to rush, and we can start from our warm-up to the more dynamic forms, to our Qìgōng 氣功 and Horse Stance. The reason we should do Horse Stance is when we have been doing a lot of movement, then our meditation should be shorter. Horse Stance if the best for short meditation and the most beneficial. Every time we finish practising, we should have a good, nice feeling. This is the purpose of practising Qigong, when we feel good, then it means we have move Qi and are healthier

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