Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 299

Levels of Qì Development – Part 8

When we can feel things around us, our Qì 氣 level is very high. To reach this standard, we must centre our mind and body and not let things disturb us. We must stay calm and try to empty the mind. This means we should not get excited and emotional. It is like listening to an argument between two of our friends who we are equally close to. We must stay neutral, then we will be able to see who is right and who is wrong or see what has caused the problem and how to sort it out. With regards to the level of Qì, it needs to be strong so that we can feel things around us and tell whether it is safe or not. This is the same as wild animals, or even our pets, they all have a natural instinct to sense danger. We have this too, only we have become confused by our imbalances and those in the environment. So, we need to build up a strong level of Qì and allow ourselves to become neutral, then we will be able to feel things around us. It is not only things around us that we feel, but we might also feel things from the past or even in the future, our instincts are not limited by time. When we practise more and our Qì is strong we will also have less accidents as we can sense the approaching danger and avoid it, this is why my Sīfú, Yáng Méijūn 楊梅君, could live so long and survive many wars, famine and very harsh times.

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