Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #105

Techer Student Relationship

Today the teacher and student relationship is different; nowadays it seems that students choose the teacher. This is all because of advertising for example on the Internet. Everybody will say they are good, but how can you tell who is better?  Of course, we will think that if someone is more well known then they are generally better. However at the end the students still needs to go to the class to learn from the teacher and find out if it is the teacher they want. Some students will learn from many different teachers and try and get skill from all of them. In these situations the relationship might develop more like a business; this means there is no real relationship.

If a teacher treats their teaching like a business then they will think that having many students is better as they will make more money, but by treating it as business they might not teach the students the real skill and will keep the genuine skill for themselves. If the teacher is good then they will teach the genuine skill, they will want the students to learn to respect the skills and they will also respect teacher. Therefore they will choose the students they want to teach, and if they find a student doing wrong or behaving badly they will not mind telling them off and even kicking them out.



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