Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #42

Can Qigong be Good and Bad?

Qigong Dao 14: DantianWe all know that Qigong is good for our health, but if we practice incorrectly will it damage our health? Actually the answer is yes! Everything in nature has both sides, both good and bad, like fire, we can use it to cook food and to help warm us up, but it can also burn us. A person you meet can be your friend, but they can also cause you trouble. So Qigong is for health, but if we do not practice it correctly it can affect our health in the wrong way. Therefore we need the correct knowledge and somebody who has more experience from whom we can learn. I had a man contact me and said he felt Qi moving inside his body all the time, and he could not stop that feeling. Another lady once told me she had pressure in her chest. All these people had been studying Qigong from books and is can be dangerous to study Qigong from books without a teacher. Also a lot of Qigong styles like to use visualisation. During their practise they think about certain objects and pictures to make the Qi flow. Is this good or bad? If people can turn off their thinking when they stop practicing, then they should be alright. However, some people are very sensitive and think too much. For them visualisation during Qigong is not so good. The best way is to practice Qigong without visualisation and concentrate on just relaxation and movements.

Michael Tse

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