Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 213

Hand Shao Yin Heart Jing 手少陰心經

After the Foot Tai Yang Spleen Jing 足太陽脾經 The Qi flows to Hand Shao Yin Heart Jing 手少陰心經. Its strongest time is from 11am to 1pm, so Noon time. At this time the Sun is at its strongest and affects the heart and the pericardium. Heart Jing and Pericardium Jing have less acupuncture points. The Hand Shao Yin Heart Jing has 18 points, but again this is on both sides and so there are only 9 points to remember. It starts at the Jiquan Point 極泉穴, under the armpit, close Dabao Point 大包穴, which is last point on the Foot Tai Yang Spleen Jing. So the Qi flows up to the Jiquan Point at the armpit and then follows the Jing down the inside of the arm to the Shaochong Point 少沖穴 on the little finger.

Hand Shao Yin Heart Jing 手少陰心經
  1. Jiquan 極泉
  2. Qingling 青靈
  3. Shaohai 少海
  4. Lingdao 靈道
  5. Tongli 通里
  6. Yinxi 陰郄
  7. Shenmen 神門
  8. Shaofu 少府
  9. Shaochong 少沖

As there are only nine points to remember it should only take three days to memorise them. When you are used to reciting the names of the points it may only take you one day to remember them. Then it will take another three days to learn the locations of the points, but again I am sure that some of you can learn them in just one day.

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