Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #176

Look Younger and Healthier

Good Qi makes you look Healthier

When we wash the face with our hands we will notice that our face feels smooth and soft, like a young person’s  or even as soft as a baby’s skin. Why is this? Of course, not everybody will have skin this soft after practising, especially if your internal organs have a problem. If your internal organs are good, you do not need to be very healthy just normal, then you will feel your skin is softer and smoother when you wash your face. This means the more Qigong we practise the smoother and softer skin our skin will be. How good we look all depends on our internal organs and our energy. Good Qi will bring colour to your face so when we are healthy will we look good and look younger than our age. We will all get older but practising Qigong will slow down our ageing and make us look younger and healthier, it rejuvenates us. Practising Qigong gives us energy, good health and longevity and this is something money cannot buy. When we practice Qigong we connect with nature which helps to balance our body and mind.

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