Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #143

Grandmaster Yang Meijun 楊梅君 Pt2

Wild Goose Qigong - Master TseThe old man replied, “I have had this problem for two years. Laoshi老師 (which means teacher), you are amazing! How could you see my problem? I have been travelling all over China looking for a cure and so far no doctor has been able to help me. If you can fix my illness I will pay you!”  Grandmaster Yang smiled and said, “I do not ask for money. I have seen so many people who are unwell. All I want to do is help, if you trust me.” The old man said, “Of course! Do whatever you need to do, I do not mind.”

Grandmaster Yang told him to stand still and she then touched his chest with her fingers. She pointed with her index and middle finger, which is a gesture we call Sword Fingers劍指. She then tapped his chest and also his back in a few different places with her Sword Fingers, before holding his chest and back between her palms for a while. While she did this she looked very serious and focused. All the people around stared intently as they had never seen anything like this before. After a few more minutes Grandmaster Yang said to the old man, “You can move now. How do you feel?” The old man moved around, swung his arms around and moved his chest. He smiled and said, “I feel much better! There is no pressure on my chest now!” Everyone watching was surprised and other people started to ask Grandmaster Yang Mei jun for help.

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