Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #48

Fang Song放鬆

Dao 48When we are beginning to practise Qigong, we should first do our warm up and then afterwards we need to do Fang Song three times. “Fang放” means “let go”, “Song鬆” means “loosen up”. This movement is the same performed the same way as Shou Gong 收功. We should stand still with our legs shoulder-width apart, slowly raise up two hands either side of our body with the palms open and thumbs open. Opening the palms and the thumb relates to the Laogong 勞宫穴, and Hegu合谷穴 points so we can gather more Qi. As we bring the hands in front of the face we turn the palms so they face us and we slowly drop them down passing the face, shoulders, chest, abdomen and finally coming to rest in front of the Dantian. We repeat this a further two time, so we do it three times in total. Three times is a good number as it helps us to relax before we do our forms.

As we raise up the hands, the Qi will rise up the Du Mai 督脉 from the back. The Du Mai runs from the Huiyin 會陰 point which is between the legs, up the spine, over the top of the head to the mouth which inside the Yinjiao齦交穴 point. As the hands drop down from the face to the Dantian, the Qi will run down the Ren Mai 任脉, from the mouth under the lower lip Cheng Jiang 承漿穴 ponit, to the chest down to the Huiyin point. So we can see that it is important these two channels, the Du and Ren Mai must be clear. So the Qi will flow better.

Michael Tse

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  1. peter
    peter says:

    Dear Sifu
    Thank you for writing these notes, I really enjoy them and learn so much.
    I have some questions regarding the ren and du mai. I notice on the diagram that they meet at the changqing point, but when we talk about the energy we talk about them going to the huiyin point. Also, is it the tongue that connects the two mai at the other end?
    warm regards

  2. Michael Tse
    Michael Tse says:

    I am sorry Peter, I am not so clear what is your question.
    Ren and Du Mai connect with the mouth where has 2 points relate, one is Yin Jiao 齦交穴 which belongs to Du Mai,Cheng Jiang承漿穴 which is belongs to Ren Mai, once we close the mouth those ponits will be connected automatically, the Xiao Zhou Tain小周天 will be formed. Individually they all start from Hui Yin point

    會陰穴. Once Xiao zhou Tain form it can go forward or backward. Also both Mai connected on the Hui Yin points once we bend the knees or cross the legs in lotus position. So we to close two gaps

    Michael Tse


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