Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 381

Principle of Meditation Part 7

During the emptiness of meditation, apart from feeling the body and seeing colours, we might also see some pictures, it could be scenery, nature, people, animals, or anything else. We do not need to pay attention to these pictures, but let it happen. Sometimes we might feel like we are in a dream or even that we have gone. It can feel so real until we come back to ourselves. Whatever happens, we should just let it happen. Sometimes we might remember something we need to do, or what to do for certain things, you will come up with solutions. Anything we forget what we saw during, or what we needed our meditation will come back and it will be good for your future. This is the mind developing. The mind is very important for good health and being a good person. Today many people have problems with their lives because they never settle down and find emptiness. When we find emptiness, we will find ways and solutions and come to see that sometimes loss is not loss and gain is not gain it can be loss. As long as we are balanced and can find emptiness, we will know what to do. So, meditation develops the health and the mind.

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