Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 380

Principle of Meditation Part 6

If we feel normal, good and all right, this generally means that we do not have any blockages or illness. Now we can let go of the body, and when we do this, apart from feeling the body, we might see things, like colours during our mediation. By seeing things, I mean see colours in the area of the Sky Eye moving around. There are five major colours of Qì 氣 and they come from our internal organs: green is from the liver, red is from the heart, brown is from the spleen, white is from the lungs and blue is from the kidneys. They are a rainbow of colours all mixed together. The strongest colour we see is from the Qì of the strongest internal organ. The weakest colour means that internal organ is the weakest. When we have just practised and then do our mediation, the colours will be much stronger and when our Sky Eye is more open, we might even see the colours with our eyes open. Remember all these things come naturally as long as we relax, let go and empty our mind. If we can do this, then all things will happen. If you do not see anything, don’t worry, just keep practising.

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