Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #55

Strong Qi in the Chong Mai冲脈

Dao 55Most people who study acupuncture understand that the Chong Mai has three paths or lines that run from the Bao Zhong胞中. The Bao Zhong is the lower part of the Dantian. One of the lines rises up the front of the chest to the mouth area. The second line runs from the Bao Zhong passes the Huiyin會陰 and follows the spine. The third line also starts at the Bao Zhong and goes down the inside of the legs along the three Yin Foot Channels, Spleen, Liver and Kidney to inside of the big toe.

This shows that the Chong Mai goes through the front of the chest, the back of the body and down the legs. So it covers the entire body. Generally, when we practise a lot of Horse Stance in our Qigong training, we can feel the Qi rising up from the Dantian to the face, front and back of the body. In the end, if the Qi is very strong it will rises up even more, above to the Baihui point百會 and so covers the face, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and tongue. We can feel the Qi very strongly down to our toes and the soles of our feet, all over the body. Of course we will feel more in our more sensitive areas, like our palms, fingertips etc. This is because the Qi is strong and we have opened up all the Mai and Channels

Michael Tse

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  1. Bianca Sirianni
    Bianca Sirianni says:

    I am really enjoying the Qigong Dao, and wonder if there is any way to read previous entries other than just the recent posts? Thank you so much for the articles, they are a wonderful resource. Kindly Bianca


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