Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #10


Qigong Dao 10If we understand relaxation we should be able to practise all our movements in a relaxed way. This means we know where our weight is. Our weight really means the centre of gravity of the body and this connects to the whole body. It is like swinging an object tied on the end of a piece of string. You can swing it because you are holding the centre of gravity with the string. In every position and movement we move from where our weight is, we should also be able to settle our weight. Then we can relax the whole body. In a sequence of movements the weight will change, like walking. In the beginning the weight might be on the right foot and the left foot will be relaxed, and then in the next movement the weight changes to the left foot and the right foot is relaxed. Each time we change the weight from one side to the other will create a circulation of Qi, and this also will create a better flow of Qi in the whole body.

So if we know how to move it will make the Qi flow better and if we know where our weight is the movement can circulate more Qi. Putting the weight properly it will strength the bones as well.

Michael Tse

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