Master Tse’s Qigong Dao #110

One Day Your Sifu, whole Life Your Father —日為師,終身為父

Master Tse and Grandmaster Chun Yuen

Master Tse and Grandmaster Chun Yuen along with another student

Chinese people say, “One day your Sifu whole life your father.  —日為師,終身為父.”  This is how important a teacher is to a student in Chinese culture. Even if someone teaches you just 1 days’ worth of knowledge it has changed your life and will help you along your life’s journey and makes a difference.

Today a teacher’s position is not so serious, but people should still at least respect somebody who was taught them whether it is at school, at work or a specialised skill like Qigong or Kung Fu.  If someone has taught us we should respect them and we should never say bad things about them or betray them. This is how a good student should behave.

Unfortunately, people will of course betray, lie and go against others.  However, should we do this to our teachers, then one day somebody will do the same to us since, “What goes around comes around.”

If you are a good teacher and a bad student betrays you and goes against you should just let it go because you are bigger than that. It will make other students respect and love you more and so you have more good students. Bad students you just let go because they will find their own results eventually.

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