Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 307

People’s Hearts are Dangerous – Part 2

人心惟危 Rén xīn wéi wēi, – People’s hearts are dangerous,

道心惟微 Dào xīn wéi wēi, – Dào’s heart is small,

惟精惟一 Wéi jīng wéi yī – Put all energy to become one,

允执厥中 Yǔn zhí jué zhōng – Only allowed to hold the centre with all effort.

The next four words,  “Put all energy to become one”. This means we should only put our energy into making our heart and Dào’s heart one and the same. Our heart wants more and Dào’s heart wants everything to be balanced. So we should want all things to balance, everything to get along and work out together, with no conflict.  For example in nature – sunrise and sunset, people and animals, trees and mountains, all these should be together – this is Dào. When our heart and Dào’s heart become one, then this is the highest level.

The last four words, “Only allowed to hold the centre with all effort”. This means we need to balance our hearts and the Dào and hold them together at the centre with all our effort. The centre is not the middle, it is the result of our heart and Dào’s heart. These work together with no conflict, then we will be happy, everything will feel right and we will enjoy our lives. So we need to put all our effort into holding the balance between our heart and Dào’s heart. Then we will be happy from the inside to the outside and we will enjoy our lives and enjoy what we do. When we practise our Qìgōng 氣功 we should feel our heart and Dào’s heart come together in harmony.

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