Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 308

Blowing Wind Part 1

There is a Chinese saying, “Bì fēng rú bì jiàn 避風如避箭 – Avoid the wind blowing like avoiding shooting arrows.” It means that the wind blowing on our body is like arrows shooting us. Why is this? It is because the wind can take away our energy and if the wind blows on us for a long time, then it can cause illness and weaken our immune system. In particular, if we are weak, then the wind blowing on us can make us sicker. After exercising, when we are hot and our clothes are wet because we are sweaty, if we sit where the wind is strong, even though we do not notice it because we are hot, then the wind has already damaged our Qì氣 and it may have already gone inside our body. Then later on, we might catch a cold or feel unwell. For this reason Chinese also say, “Fēng wèi bǎi bìng zhī cháng 風為百病之長 – Wind is the number one cause of illness.” It is true, we are healthy but stay in a position where the wind is always blowing on us, we will eventually become ill.

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