Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 309

Blowing Wind Part 2

In hot places, people like to use fans to blow the air at themselves. This is like the wind blowing on you. If you stay where a fan is blowing on you for a long time, then it can also weaken you and then you will get ill, it can even weaken our organs and bones. Staying in air conditioning for a long time will also weaken us and make us unwell. When it is hot, we need the air to flow, not to blow. We need to go into the shade or open a window, these are a natural way to cool us down.

Some people like to sleep by a window, but if the window is open, then the wind will blow on us and so they will be cold for the whole night.

In the winter or when it is cold if we do not dress properly so that we are warm even if we think we can manage it, we will get weaker and so the next day we might catch cold. This happens a lot.

When the weather is bad and it is raining and windy, if we stay out in it or walk around in it for a long time, then it will also make us weaker. It is the same if is it cold and windy, so we must take care of ourselves.

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