Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 315

Hún Pò 魂魄 – Part 5

As we have seen, we have three kinds of Hún 魂 has three parts, the first is, Tiān Hún 天魂 – Heaven Hún, De Hún 地魂 – Earth Hún and Rén Hún 人魂 – Person Hún. In traditional Chinese skill, when we have three things we will classify them as Heaven, Earth and People (ourselves). It is the same as how we live on this world, above us is Heaven (sky), below us is Earth (ground) and in the middle is ourselves. We call them Three Treasures.

So we can see that even our Hún has Three Treasures. Hún relates to our spirit,  emotions, feelings, heart, and soul. These are all part we cannot see as they are not physical, but they are there and exist. Hún also connects with our conscience and heart, with our good deeds and bad deeds and feelings with people, places and objects, in fact anything that is related to our feelings. If we have more then we will do better things. We will be more confident, and we will think of others and so be more compassionate and have a good heart.

When we die, our Hún will separate in to three and one will go to the heaven, one will go to the earth and one will stay around where we liked to be, until the next life. This is according to traditional Daoist teaching.

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