Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 316

Hún Pò 魂魄 – Part 6

There are Qī Pò 七魄 – Seven Pò and they are Shī Gǒu 屍狗, Fú Shǐ 伏矢 , Qiǎo Yīn  雀陰, Tūn Zéi 吞賊,  Fēi Dú 非毒, Chú Huì 除穢 and Chòu Fèi 臭肺 . Each one of these Pò represents our emotions and our behaviour. When we have one of the related emotions, we will act on it and do it.

  • Shī Gǒu 屍狗 represents happiness
  • Fú Shǐ 伏矢 represents anger
  • Qiǎo Yīn  雀陰 represents sadness
  • Tūn Zéi 吞賊 represents fear
  • Fēi Dú 非毒 represents love
  • Chú Huì 除穢 represents bad
  • Chòu Fèi 臭肺 represents passion

The Pò represent the action or movement based on the emotions we have. For example, when we are happy, we will smile, we might move our arms and legs and might even dance. When we are angry, we will shout and yell, even attack or break things. All these are related to our Seven Pò. When our Qì 氣 is not balanced the Seven Pò will respond strongly, and we will be more emotional. If our Qì is strong, even if we are affected our Seven Pò will be controlled and more settled. Therefore, the more Qìgōng 氣功 we practise the calmer and more balanced we will be and the Hún Pò 魂魄 will be in a good condition

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