Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 323

The Feet – Part 1

When we are tired, we will usually rest. There are other ways for us to release our tiredness and recharge ourselves. Of course, the best way is practising Qìgōng 氣功, another way if massaging the feet. When we practise our Qìgōng, and in particular the Dàyàn Qìgōng 大雁氣功 system, we have a lot of movements that relate to the feet and legs. There is a Chinese saying, “When we are old, our legs will become old first.” This is very true, if we look at older people, we will see that many of them have to use walking sticks or even wheelchairs, and many elderly people do not go out very much. On the other hand, if you look at younger people, they like to run, jump, dance and travel, which all require them to use their legs. So, we must take care of our legs and feet, we must maintain them and keep them in good condition, and do not overuse them. The most important parts of the legs are the bones. We need to make sure that we keep using our legs for walking, exercising in many ways, and of course standing.

Our legs are like the roots of a tree. If the roots have a problem, then the tree will become ill and fall. The soles of our feet should be soft, so that the Qi can release out from then, then the kidneys will be strong. The kidneys are related to our legs, however, different parts of the sole relate to different parts of the body.

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