Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 324

The Feet – Part 2

The feet and the body

If we look at the soles of the feet, we will see that they are like the body. The toes to the heel are like the head to the feet and different parts of the sole contain different internal organs. This was all discovered by the ancient Chinese and like everything else is based on the Yìjīng 易經, which goes from one to eight. In the Yìjīng one is Tàijí 太極, this separates into Liǎng Yí 兩儀 – two states, which are Yīn and Yang. Two divides into four Sì Xiàng 四象– Four Images, which are like four directions. Four then divides into eight, which is Bāguà 八卦 – Eight Situations. This means that everything in the universe is connected together, and this means that if one changes, it will affect all the others in some way, some more and some less, or effect the future. This also means that one part of an object relates to all the other parts of that object. The soles of our feet represent the body and the internal organs. The top of the foot represents the area of the head, like the head itself, the eyes and the ears. The middle part of the sole relates to the lungs, heart, liver and stomach. The heel relates to the intestines, kidney, bladder and sexual organs The individual toes, like the fingers, relate to the different internal organs, from the little toe to the big toe relate to the kidneys, lungs, heart, liver and spleen.

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