Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 325

The Feet – Part 3

The Foot and the Body

Our feet are very important, if we injure them, it can take some time for them to recover, so we must take care of them. If we sit on the floor, stretch our legs out in front of us so that our heels are on the ground and our toes point up and look at them from the side, we can see that the foot looks like a person sitting down. The toes are the head, the sole of the foot is the spine, the heel is the bottom, and the lower leg are the legs stretched out in front. So we can imagine that these parts of the foot are also related to those parts of the body.

Massaging the toes, the sole, the heels and the lower legs will affect the whole body. From the head to the toes. This massage can help to keep the feet in good condition. If the feet are good, then the legs will be good. If the legs are good the body will be good, the internal organs will be good, and the head will be good. If one part of the body is healthy the rest of the body will be healthy. If one part of the body is not well, if we do not take care of it, then the rest of the body will be affected. So, we should massage the feet and also use them for the jobs they are intended for, like walking and standing. We need to use them properly and if we are tired, then we can rest. This way our feet will last a lifetime.

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