Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 326

The Feet – Part 4

The most important part of the foot to massage if the sole. We should massage the sole first, until it is soft. Hard soles are not healthy, and soft skin is better. When the soles of the foot are warm there is good circulation in your feet and the internal organs are healthy.

We should massage the toes as well, starting from the big toe and moving along each toe the finally the little toe. This will bring more Qì 氣 to the toes. We start with the big toe as it has more area to massage and so will create more circulation. The little toe has less area and so less circulation. Like the fingers, the toes relate to the internal organs. From the big toe to the little toe, they relate to the spleen, liver, heart, lung and kidney. This is the same as the fingers, from the thumb to the little finger. We can massage the toes and even pinch the toes with our fingers, and this will create a lot of sensations on the toes.

Then we massage our heels. The heels are very important, and people often have problems with their heels. This is because there is not enough Qì in that area or they overuse them, like standing too much, jumping too much. The heel bone needs to be strong, but the skin still needs to be soft.

Foot massage will create more circulation it will help to the balance, help to balance the blood pressure, strengthen the internal organs and also stimulate the Qì to flow up the brain.

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