Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 329

Dāo – Part 3

人之所惡,唯孤、寡、不穀,而王公以為稱 Rén zhī suǒ è, wéi gū, guǎ, bù gǔ, ér wánggōng yǐwéi chēng – most people do not like to be lonely without children, but the leaders, the Kings and emperors of China claim to be like this.

Why do kings, emperors and leaders all claim to be lonely and without children? Of course, almost all of the Kings, emperors and leaders of China are not alone and have had children as their children, mainly the eldest sons, were their heirs who would become the next leader. As the ruler, they did not call themselves Leader, King or Emperor. These titles were given to them by their people, their prime ministers, government officials, general and servants. It means that in a high position they needed to be humble and lower, like they had no children and were lonely. The same as the line in the Spiderman movies, “With great power come great responsibility.” This is actually an ancient adage, at least as old as the first century BC from the Allusion of the Sword of Damocles. So it means that in both Eastern and the Western history, leader have always been told to be humble lower themselves and control themselves. Then they could become a great leader. This is Dāo 道.

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