Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 330

Dāo – Part 4

故物或損之而益,或益之而損 Gù wù huò sǔn zhī ér yì, huò yì zhī ér sǔn – If something has less, we will create it, if something has too much, we will reduce it (for the purpose of balance).

This is actually a very simple theory. If there is not enough or there is less of something, we need to create more. Like the weather, when it is too cold and we want to keep warm we will put on more clothes. If we want to buy food, then we need to make sure we have enough money, or a credit or debit card, or even a smart phone. We cannot go to the supermarket without any way to pay.

It is the same in with the opposite situation, if we are too hot and we want to feel comfortable we will take some clothes off, if we want to buy something, we will not bring all the money we have with us. For example, whenever I travel, I only bring a card I need, I do not bring all the cards I have.

If we feel uncomfortable or unwell, we know that we need more Qì 氣, so we know we need to practise more. If after practising we feel good, then we should not keep on practising. Instead we should wait a few hours and practise again to get more Qì. This is balance, this is Dāo 道.

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