Grandmaster Tse;s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 333

Five Skills – Part 2

Hard Qìgōng 硬氣功

If we do not practise all the five skills, does this mean we are missing an element and so missing the balance? The answer is, “No.” Most people in the world do not know these skills and they can still live happily and healthily. There are many reason and many things that make us happy and healthy and it is also based on the condition of our health, our genetics and the way we live. Being happy and healthy is actually all we want. In the Tse Qigong Centre I always say, “Good health first, then happiness will come and in the end, good luck will come along.” So health is the most important and once we have that we can have the rest.

Each skill in the Tse Qigong Centre is based on good health, whether it is Wing Chun Kung Fu 詠春功夫, Chùn Yuén Quán 俊元拳, Hard Qìgōng 硬氣功, Chén Tàijíquán 陳家太極拳 or Dàyàn Qìgōng 大雁氣功. If we only practise one of them, we can still have good health so each skill contains and covers all the Five Elements.

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