Feng Shui of 2020

When we study Feng Shui, we need to know the energy of the year. For this we need to know the basics, like the original Nine Star positions:

The Stars are:

  1. Relationship and travelling
  2. Illnesses
  3. Argument
  4. Study, Job and Business
  5. Disaster
  6. Surprising Money, Benefits
  7. Lost Money
  8. Income
  9. Celebration and Parties

Original Nine Star Positions

Once we know these basics, we can then work out what will happen this year. Each year the stars change. For this year the star change is 7 at the Centre, which is Po Jun 破軍. Po Jun is the Metal element and it likes breaking things. Po Jun means “An army to break through, and so it is a very powerful army. We do not need armies unless they are really necessary – at times of war. So it means that this year will see a lot of fighting, confrontation and division. Therefore we need to be careful.

The chart for the year is:

Stars for 2020 The Year of the Rat

In the Northeast corner is the 1 Star. This is Water and is for relationships and travelling. If you want a good relationship, have a good relationship or want to travel you can put something Metal here, like a radio or computer.

In the South is the 2 Star. This is Earth and is for illness. This energy we need to release. Earth creates Metal and so we should put something metal here to use up the Earth energy.

In the North is 3 Star, which is Wood and for argument. So we also need to release this energy. Wood creates Fire and so we should put something red in colour here or something like a candle.

In the Southwest corner is the 4 Star, which is Wood and represents study, jobs and business. We all want these to be good and so we should create more of this energy and so we put water in this corner.

To the East is the 5 Star. This is Earth and represents disaster! Do not block this area, keep it as an open space.

In the Southeast is the 6 Star. This is Metal and represents unexpected money and benefit. We should put a pot plant here.

At the centre of the house is the 7 Star, which is Metal and represents losing money. We can put a glass or water here.

In the Northwest is the 8 Star. This is Earth and represents income. We should put something red in colour here or a candle so the Fire element can create Earth.

The last one in the West is the 9 Star, which is the Fire element. It represents celebration and parties. If you like these then you can put some wood here.

We all want better luck, but is we want to be lucky in the long term then this depends on our heart. This means we need to be good, do no harm to others, help others and not just people, this also includes being good to animals and our environment. Do good deeds. For Feng Shui the whole structure of your house, the direction it faces, what is at the front, back, left and right are very important.

By Michael Tse

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