Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 313

Hún Pò 魂魄 – Part 3

Pò 魄 is the physical moon, so it is the physical spirit. This is like a baby who listening, looking, thinking, moving its arms and legs and crying, these are all Pò. When want something this is Hún 魂, when we physically go for what we want, make an action, this is Pò. For example, wanting a cup of tea is Hún. Making the cup of tea is Pò. So our actions, our exercise is Pò. Pò is physical energy. When we die our Pò will stay in the earth and so it is Yīn 陰.

In Qìgōng 氣功, when our Qì 氣 is strong our Hún Pò is also strong and so our mind, focus, feelings and senses, all or spiritual senses and energies will be strong. Practising Qìgōng makes us more sensitive so that we feel things much better. We will respond better, have better physical coordination as the mind and body will become better connected. However, if our Qì is weak, then our Hún Pò will also be weak. Now we will lose our sensitivity, the body will become clumsy, stiff and uncoordinated. When we are like this, we can easily have accidents. Therefore, even though someone may look alright, if they make a lot of mistakes and often have accidents then their Qì and their Hún Pò is weak.

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