Master Tse’s Qigong Dao 216

Foot Shao Yin Kidney Jing 足少陰腎經 

After the Foot Tai Yang Urinary Bladder Jing 足太陽膀胱經 the Qi flows to the next jing which is the Foot Shao Yin Kidney Jing 足少陰腎經 . From the little toe, the Qi now goes to the sole of the foot to the Yongquan Point涌泉穴. In Qigong we use the Yongquan Point a lot, because it relates to the kidney Jing and helps to release excess and negative energy. The strongest time for the Kindey Jing is 5 – 7pm, which is sunset. Now the Qi settles at the Kidneys, so that we can rest before we go to bed after a day’s work. 

In this jing there are 54 points, 27 on each side of the body. The Qi flows from the Yongquan Point and rises up the inside of the leg, up the body to the Yufu Point 俞府穴 at collar bone. We need nine days to be able to memorise and recite these points.

  1. 涌泉 Yong Quan
  2. 然谷 Rangu
  3. 太谿 Taixi
  4. 大鐘 Dazhong
  5. 水泉 Shuiquan
  6. 照海 Zhaohai
  7. 復溜 Fuliu
  8. 交信 Jiaoxin
  9. 築賓 Zhubin
  10. 陰谷 Yingu
  11. 橫骨 Henggu
  12. 大赫 Dahe
  13. 氣穴 Qixue
  14. 四滿 Siman
  15. 中注 Zhongzhu
  16. 肓俞 Huangshu
  17. 商曲 Shangqu
  18. 石關 Shiguan
  19. 陰都 Yindu
  20. 腹通谷 Futonggu
  21. 幽門 Youmen
  22. 步廊 Bulang
  23. 神封 Shenfeng
  24. 靈墟 Lingxu
  25. 神藏 Shencang
  26. 彧中 Yuzhong
  27. 俞府 Yufu
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