Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 341

Three Qì Balls – Part 3

Small to big -Men rotate the Dantian clockwise and ladies anticlockwise

Now we know how to position our hands and which way the circle goes, we can now rotate from a small circle to a big circle. The circle should be between the Middle Dāntián 中丹田 and the Hui Yin point 會陰穴. We should rotate 36 times, but sometime we can rotate 24 times, 12 times or even 6 times, but 36 is best. When we reach the 36th time, our hands are making the biggest circle. We then continue another 36 time going back smaller until our hands are back at the Qì Hǎi 氣海 point. Remember, men circle clockwise first, small to big, and then anticlockwise, from big to small. Ladies will go the other way, anticlockwise first, small to big, and then clockwise, big back to small.

Our stance should be shoulder width and our legs straight but relaxed. Then, when the hands circle, the body can follow the circle. So when the circle is up we have our legs straight and when the hands are down, we can bend our knees. For our breathing, we breathe in when we come up and breathe out when we go down. So the circling of the Dāntián, the movement of the body and the breathing all synchronises together.

Big to small – Men rotate the Dantian anticlockwise and ladies clockwise

This movement creates internal Qì 氣 and rotating the movement creates an internal Qì ball. If the internal Qì ball is strong, then all the Qì will be stronger and also all the organs, the physical body, the acupuncture points and the Jīngluò 經絡 will all be open and strong. This is the first Qì ball.

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