Grandmaster Tse’s Qìgōng Dāo 氣功道 343

Three Qì Balls Part 5

Shàng Dāntián 上丹田 – Upper Dāntián

If we continue to practise our Qìgōng 氣功, then our Qì will grow stronger and then we will develop another internal Qì Ball. this one can be found at the Shàng Dāntián 上丹田 – Upper Dāntián and Sky-Eye. The Sky Eye 天目 is located on the forehead and relates to our Spiritual Qì – Shen 神. the acupuncture point that relates to the Upper Dāntián are the Bǎihuì point 百會穴, Feng Fu points 風府穴, Feng Chi points 風池穴, Ren Zhong point人中穴 and Taiyang points 太陽穴. Regular practise, it will create strong enough Qì to develop the Upper Dāntián. The acupuncture points are like entrances or exits to the upper Dāntián, which is in the centre of the head. However, we must remember thought we cannot develop the Upper Dāntián until the Xià Dāntián 下丹田 – Lower Dāntián and Zhōng Dāntián 中丹田 – Middle Dāntián are quite full. This means we need to be healthy and have enough energy and then the Upper Dāntián will develop. The movements like Supporting The Sky 雙手托天 in Balancing Gong 平衡功, East Rising Sun 紅日東升 in Healthy Living Gong 健康生活功 and Recover Qì  回氣 in the Wild Goose First 64 大雁氣功前64 all relate to the sky eye. When the sky eye is open, we will become smarter, calmer, look good, be able to understand things many other people cannot easily grasp, be able to predict what will happen and might even be able to see Qì.

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